Masters National Championships/WLC Founders Cup Race Results

Junior Start – Masters Junior Start – Masters Womens Junior Start – Senior Masters Junior Start – Youth A Women  Junior Start – Youth B Open Single Class Open Tourist Race
1st – Jay Edmunds

1st – Bonny Simi

1st – Jeff Stratton 1st – Katy Simi 1st – Caitlin Bubel 1st – Jake Farquharson  1st – Grant Gabrielson
2nd – Bill Dearborne 2nd – Rebecca Clark 2nd – Carl Roepke 2nd – Nikol Yonamura 2nd – Brittany Ardnt 2nd – Zach Layton  2nd – Garrett Gorsch
3rd – Bruce Norman 3rd – Dawn Peterson 3rd – Nick Steg 3rd – Samantha Carone 3rd – Mackenzie Rice 3rd – Sam Edmunds 3rd – Ethan Owen

 Click here for Full Race Results

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