Z’s Sochi Blog – Feb 7 – Opening Ceremonies

Opening Ceremonies.

Have to admit I’m impressed at how smoothly transit to the Opening Ceremonies  went. There was very little congestion in the “Olympic Lanes”….in reality the Olympic Lane” between “Sochi and Rosa Kutor is a full on highway that only accredited vehicles can use ….everyone else is stuck on a small mountain road winding it’s way down the valley.
Once we were parked and past security it was a fifteen min walk through the Olympic Park to Fisht stadium. I actually enjoyed it as the weather was nice and it made for great people watching.
I’m not sure how the show came of on TV but it was pretty spectacular in person. The props hanging from the ceiling were massive.  My personal favorite was the three white horses followed closely by the metal  athletes that lit up making it looked like they were moving. I also thought the male ballet dancer held his own….that guy had a vertical jump that would make most NBA players weep,

One area that was a little disappointing to me was the lighting of the Olympic Flame ..It’s usually one of the more powerful moments of Opening  Ceremonies…. and considering the Russians dragged the thing all over their country and into outer space, I would have thought they’d do  more then take it for a lap around the stadium…then run it out the back door.


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