Z’s Sochi Blog – Tuesday Feb 18

Tomorrow I head home from the Games…. So I’ve been participating in the rigorous sport of Olympic Spectating……  in the last couple days  I’ve seen Women’s Biathlon, Team Ski Jumping, Men’s Super G, the Canada /Finland Hockey Game, Women’s Boarder Cross, Men’s Skeleton, and the first two runs of Women’s Bobsled. …Whew…. Talk about an endurance […]

Z’s Sochi Blog – Food

Food  Having spent time in Russia/Latvia in the early 90’s I headed to Sochi with some trepidation about the cuisine I would find….. Happy to say gone or the days of grey meat and boiled cabbage. A highlight of my trip was an invite to a traditional Russian Meal….a lunch that lasted three hours… It […]

Z’s Sochi Blog – Sunday Feb 16th

Summer Olympics???? Dang it’s warm here,…..I guess the palm trees should have been the first clue….second would be Norwegian Athletes going for a swim in the Black Sea.  As a result of the high temperatures  and sun/rain the venues have struggled to keep optimal conditions. At Luara – the Biathlon / Nordic Skiing venue about 200 […]

Z’s Sochi Blog – Feb 14th

RunningSince I’m running the Boston Marathon in April I’ve tried to keep to my training schedule while here. There’s nothing like having an Olympic Athlete blow by you to keep your ego in  check. There have been a few challenges…… There are not a lot of flat areas without traffic to run on but I […]

Z’s Sochi Blog – Feb 13

Last Race!!!!!! Tonight was the last  Luge race in these Games……on the one hand I’m glad they’re done ( I could use the sleep) but I’ll also miss the intensity that comes with Olympic competition. This evenings race The Team Relay . is made up of three sliders one women, one man and a doubles […]

Z’s Sochi Blog – Wed Feb 12th

Security, Some of you have had questions about security. For the most part it is pretty tight…..going in and out of the venues you get your car and bags searched, your body patted down/scanned, and depending on the mood of the searcher your fruit taken away….which is a sore subject given that I was starving […]

Z’s Sochi Blog – Feb 11th

Women’s  Finally Holly Cow……Erin did it…..she won the first ever Luge Medal for Singles for the US. First of all Congratulations to her, her family, and the coaches and staff of the USLA. It’s been years of hard work on everyone’s part….. Hope you all take a min. to savor the moment! Also a thumbs […]

Z’s Sochi Blog – Feb 10th

A Day of Fast Women Had the morning free so a couple of us took off to watch the women’s Super G. Getting there was an adventure.  I lost count of how many gondolas  ( the main form of transportation between the hotels in the valley and the competition  sites) we took and how many […]

Z’s Sochi Blog – Mon. Feb 9

Runs 3 & 4  Men’s RaceTension  at the start tonight was thick…During the last 10 sleds I’m pretty sure no one was breathing……. Felix Lock (GER) claimed his second Olympic Gold by blowing away his closest competitor, Albert Demchenko (RUS) by 4 tenths of a second (for those of you unfamiliar with luge…. in a […]

Z’s Sochi Blog – Sat Feb 8th

Men’s Race Runs 1 & 2 Tonight was the first two runs of the Men’s  Race and I was assigned to monitor the Start. It’s always interesting to observe how different team coaches handle the pressure. The Italians get quiet, the Russians loud, the Germans huddle together and the US crack jokes….but no mistaking these […]

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