Z’s Sochi Blog – Tuesday Feb 5

Men’s Training Run 1& 2

Got my first real look at the track…all I can say is WOW!!!

Sliding wise:
There are very few tracks that give me the itch to break out my sled and go for a ride….this one does…it’s a fun looking track with’s long sweeping curves and mostly forgiving transition. It’s one of those tracks that appears easy to get down…..but hard to get down fast.

Architecturally wise:
There is nothing subtle about this track or it’s support buildings. Everything here seems massively overbuilt. The men’s start house looks more like a football stadium  then a start house. It’s about the width of a football field and about half as long with three levels. The top level is a sprint track for the athletes to warm up on. It is all covered with this incredible  roof with massive beams. The track itself runs inside what I can only describe as a wooden tunnel (it kind of looks like it was swallowed by a wooden snake) who’s purpose is to keep the sun & snow off.


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