Z’s Sochi Blog – Feb 10th

A Day of Fast Women

Had the morning free so a couple of us took off to watch the women’s Super G. Getting there was an adventure.  I lost count of how many gondolas  ( the main form of transportation between the hotels in the valley and the competition  sites) we took and how many times  volunteers told us ‘you can’t get there from here.” We just kept trying…  Finally we ran in to an Austrian Priest that showed us  the way   ( I guess he’s use to guiding lost sheep).  Anyway we made it to the race in time to see Julia Mancuso take third in Super G .

Later at the luge run for The Women’s  1 & 2 Race run I was assigned to monitor the finish. While the Start tends to be  very quite and controlled…..the finish is a zoo. Spectators cheer at the top off their lungs for their favorite competitors, and athletes themselves often express their relief or frustration. It’s loud, chaotic and gives you an energy buzz.
After the first 2 runs  Natilie Geisenberger and Tatiana Huefner ( both of GER)sit in First & Second. Erin Hamlin (USA) is in third.( by the way Russians are wowed by her mega watt smile)
Then in 5 & 6th are two of our neighbors to the north ( Alex Gough & Kimberly McRae.

The next two runs will be exciting!!!

Erin chilling earlier in the week

Erin chilling earlier in the week


North American Fans

North American Fans

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