Z’s Sochi Blog – Feb 11th

Women’s  Finally

Holly Cow……Erin did it…..she won the first ever Luge Medal for Singles for the US. First of all
Congratulations to her, her family, and the coaches and staff of the USLA. It’s been years of hard work on everyone’s part….. Hope you all take a min. to savor the moment! Also a thumbs up to Kate (10th) and Summer (15th) both of them did a great job and were crowd favorites.

Last night the finish Dock was especially festive. Lots of parents and family members came to support their athletes. There were cheering competitions between the Russians and any other nation loud enough to take them on. The US and Canada, vastly outnumbered, joined forces and cheered for each other’s athletes. As it was in Vancouver, the Germans may be faster on the track but their Fans can’t hold a candle to the enthusiasm of the North Americans!

I have to admit standing there watching the race unfold was excruciating. With Erin sitting in third and one of the last sliders to go everyone was holding their breath. When she crossed the finish line  and secured a medal everyone lost it….Her Coach Mark Grimmette let out a deafening whoop and exploded into to the air. Coaches from other countries were hugging and pounding any American they could find on the back (my ribs are still sore) and in the middle of it all was Erin with a huge smile…. it was an incredible moment.

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