Z’s Sochi Blog – Feb 13

Last Race!!!!!!

Tonight was the last  Luge race in these Games……on the one hand I’m glad they’re done ( I could use the sleep) but I’ll also miss the intensity that comes with Olympic competition.

This evenings race The Team Relay . is made up of three sliders one women, one man and a doubles team …..each must hit the target (paddle) at the end of the run to open the gate at the start and send the next member of the team down. The clock begins when the first slider crosses the start and finishes when the last slider crosses the finish line. The team with the lowest time wins.
The evening started out a little rough…..A late running bobsled training session and warm weather resulted in a scramble to get the outrun and finish area  race ready….but with a good team we managed to beat the broadcast deadline.

The German team came in as the favorite and did’t disappoint, The Russians were second and the Latvians  third. The US was 6th with another strong showing by Erin.

FIL Officials & Race Director

FIL Officials & Race Director

Final results

Final results








Now that the racing is over I’m looking forward to checking out other events…….stay tuned for more post……….

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