Z’s Sochi Blog – Feb 14th

RunningSince I’m running the Boston Marathon in April I’ve tried to keep to my training schedule while here. There’s nothing like having an Olympic Athlete blow by you to keep your ego in  check.

There have been a few challenges……
Russian Treadmills

Russian treadmills……I can figure out kilometers to miles….but Cyrillic… not so easy.

There are not a lot of flat areas without traffic to run on but I found one dirt road along the river…in places it is very muddy and you have to dodge the occasional backhoe and military transport truck…. but it beats running on the hard cobbles in the middle of town. Unfortunately after about 4 miles you run out of Russia (quite literally). There is a small guard post with 4 very serious solders guarding what can only be described as the back door to the Independent State of Abkhazia (Part of Georgia) They weren’t amused when I ran up touched the gate, then gave them a big smile before turning and running back the way I came.
Went to Women’s Aerials tonight….Impressive  …..TV doesn’t really capture the height (nor the speed) that these Women throw their tricks….it appeared that the warm weather  made the snow on the landing hill wet and clumpy …making it easy to catch a ski and tumble on the landing.


















For those of you that complained about walking the “Gold Medal Mile” up to the UOP during the Salt Lake Olympics…this venue has got it beat……same distance, parts of it steeper with about 800 steps….oh and no pin.


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