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Having spent time in Russia/Latvia in the early 90’s I headed to Sochi with some trepidation about the cuisine I would find….. Happy to say gone or the days of grey meat and boiled cabbage.

A highlight of my trip was an invite to a traditional Russian Meal….a lunch that lasted three hours… It was incredibly civilized…especially for the Mom of two active boys used to throwing pasta together and darting out the door.

Smoked meats

Smoked meats














Steamed vegetable

Steamed vegetable














Honey Cake..... To die for!

Honey Cake….. To die for!















For those of you wondering about food at the hotel & track…..  Each morning at the hotel we had  a huge buffet with everything from scrambled eggs to crepes. There were a few items one doesn’t normally associate with breakfast like pickled olives and cheese cake but hey each to their own. Meals at the athlete/ officials tent at the sliding center were good too. Apparently the Organizers  brought in students from cooking schools around Russia. I have to say the meal there were much better then at the games in Salt Lake and Vancouver.

Pastries at an outdoor Cossack restaurant

Pastries at an outdoor Cossack restaurant














Fried potatoes.... Lots of them

Fried potatoes…. Lots of them














There's a reason I don't eat fish!!!!

There’s a reason I don’t eat fish!!!!

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