Z’s Sochi Blog – Sat Feb 8th

Men’s Race Runs 1 & 2

Tonight was the first two runs of the Men’s  Race and I was assigned to monitor the Start. It’s always interesting to observe how different team coaches handle the pressure. The Italians get quiet, the Russians loud, the Germans huddle together and the US crack jokes….but no mistaking these guys are here to race and there is a lot riding on their athletes performance.

The start was a zoo, every Russian (and his brother) who has ever had anything to do with luge was there. So much for access control.

Albert Demchenko from Russia and crowd favorite threw down two great runs (52.170 and 52.273 for a total of 1:44.443) to set the pace. Felix Loch from Germany seemed unfazed and took the lead with two blistering runs including a New Track record of 51.964 (total time of 1:44.149). Armin Zoeggler, from Italy and sentimental favorite had two solid runs of 52.506 and 52.387 for 1:44.893 and third place…..tomorrow are the final two runs.

sled prep between runs

sled prep between runs

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