Z’s Sochi Blog – Sunday Feb 16th

Summer Olympics????
Dang it’s warm here,…..I guess the palm trees should have been the first clue….second would be Norwegian Athletes going for a swim in the Black Sea.  As a result of the high temperatures  and sun/rain the venues have struggled to keep optimal conditions.

At Luara – the Biathlon / Nordic Skiing venue about 200 volunteers armed with snow plows and shovels spent the night removing 6 inches of slush off the top off the course. Now they are having to deal with fog and rain.

On the alpine courses they have burned though the organizers supply of salt (used to firm up the course) and are now shipping it in by the ton from Switzerland.

At the Extreme Park – Half Pipe and Aerials have been moved to later / earlier in the day in order to take advantage of cooler temperatures.

On the flip side it makes for great spectating….you can’t complain about kicking back in the stands soaking in the sun….still it is the Winter Olympics and I would love to see it covered in snow.

Summer Olympics?

Summer Olympics?














Security Forces hiding in plain sight...thanks to a lack of snow

Security Forces hiding in plain sight…thanks to a lack of snow


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