Z’s Sochi Blog – Tuesday Feb 18

Tomorrow I head home from the Games…. So I’ve been participating in the rigorous sport of Olympic Spectating……  in the last couple days  I’ve seen Women’s Biathlon, Team Ski Jumping, Men’s Super G, the Canada /Finland Hockey Game, Women’s Boarder Cross, Men’s Skeleton, and the first two runs of Women’s Bobsled. …Whew…. Talk about an endurance sport.

A couple of you have asked about the friendliness of the people here…I have to say I’ve been impressed, especially with the volunteers….. From the girls that helped drag my bags to my room at 3AM…… to the lady giving homemade  paper harts to spectators on Valentines Day these guys have tried to make people feel welcome. Its all the more impressive when you learn that most of the Volunteers have traveled from Moscow and other parts of the country (one shuttle driver told me he traveled three days by train just to get to Sochi) and are housed in small trailers 2 to 3 hours away from their assigned venue.

Easy to spot volunteers

Easy to spot volunteers

image (1)









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