Z’s Sochi Blog – Sat Feb 1

WLC’s own Zianibeth Shattuck-Owen will be officiating at the Sochi Olympics – she will be blogging through the games.

Z’s SOCHI Blog

Sat. Feb 1

Welcome to my my second Olympic blog……my first attempt was during the Vancouver Games and a friend told me it was entertaining……..actually he said “interesting content…..entertaining spelling” but hey, it was enough of a compliment to stoke my ego and make me decide to do it again for Sochi. Humor aside, keeping this blog seems a good way to share the Games with so many people that have supported me during the many stages of my Luge Career. I hope you’ll check out the post ….feel free to comment…..and who know knows you might find yourselves slightly entertained.

Setting the stage…..Day 1

I case your wondering I’m heading off to Russia as a member of the Jury for Luge. The Jury is a three member body comprised of officials from different nations. They are tasked with watching all aspect of the competition to make sure the rules are followed. Additionally if an Athlete feels they have been disadvantaged they can submit a protest and the Jury will rule on it’s validity.

We’ll………I’m suppose to be heading off to Russia as a Member of the Jury…..in reality I’m sitting in the food court of LAX eating Orange Chicken from Panda Express………My flights been delayed at least 3.5 hours…..it’s shaping up to be a long trip.


Hmmm.... going to be a long day

Hmmm…. going to be a long day

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