Family Participation Plan

Failure to turn in required documents by the deadline will result in a loss of eligibility for funding.  No reminders will be sent, and it will be the sole responsibility of the athlete/family to ensure all required documentation is turned in by the deadline.
Wasatch Luge Club
Family Participation Program Policy:

The Wasatch Luge Club (WLC) supports United States Luge Association (USLA) programs locally and is making a positive impact on the sport of luge.  The WLC mission is to promote the sport of luge as a means of recreation for all ages, to act as a feeder to the National Team System, and to create a base of volunteers and officials to aid in the running of events.    

WLC’s goal is to ensure the success of the overall club as well as to support the development of both youth and junior team athletes.  WLC goals are best accomplished through the combined efforts of its club members as volunteers trained to support local and national events. For the WLC to be successful it is important for both the athletes and their parents to be club members as well as become directly involved in the program by volunteering their time to help meet club goals.
The WLC sponsors or participates in a number of fundraisers and events throughout the year that require member support.  The majority of money received by the WLC is from the dedicated efforts of the Youth Sports Alliance (YSA). YSA requires direct participation of each club and its members for fundraising efforts. Without this participation, the WLC will not receive the benefits (money) of the YSA.  Please visit them at for more information about this organization.
Much like the YSA, the WLC Board of Directors has decided that it is necessary to require parental and athlete participation prior to gaining any benefit from fundraising efforts.  It is for this reason that the WLC had decided to initiate the “Family Participation Program Policy” (FPPP). You must be a member of the Wasatch Luge Club to participate in this program. Participation is not mandatory; however, if you do not participate in fundraising or club events, you will not be eligible for supplemental funding.  The FPPP will be a point based program with the goal of providing a variety of opportunities for each family to have a positive effect on WLC goals. Points are accrued during the period of April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016.

Twenty (20) Points must be earned per sliding season, per slider to maintain eligibility.  A “Point Sheet” is available on the website allowing easy tracking of points throughout the season. It is your responsibility to maintain the “Point Sheet” throughout the season. Points can easily be earned, and are accrued per family. Points may be accrued by the athlete, parents or siblings.

Participants are eligible to receive money toward Athlete expenses such as team travel, training expenses, equipment, etc. once they reach the required number of points. Athlete expenses must be tracked and recorded in detail on the provided spreadsheet (located on the website) and turned in with the Points Sheet to the Volunteer Coordinator by April 30th of each year to be eligible for supplemental funding.  Points will not carry over from year to year and failure to reach the required number of points during the period will result in a loss of funding eligibility. Points must be earned by the athlete and/or their immediate family members and cannot be shared or transferred to another athlete. *Note: Although receipts do not need to provided with submission you should keep all records until funding is complete. The Board may ask you to provide documentation for certain expenses.

     Any activities not on the Board approved list must be approved by the Board and a point value assigned. Failure to gain approval prior to conducting an activity may result in lost efforts towards earning points.

     If the Athlete meets all Funding Eligibility requirements, the WLC will reimburse the athlete up to an amount not exceeding their actual expenses.

     Any questions should be directed to the Volunteer Coordinator, an appointed Executive Board member. Any conflicts of interest between participants, participant’s parents or any other party under this program shall be reviewed and resolved at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors of the WLC.


Point Value

* Club Events/Activities –
Join Wasatch Luge Club – Athlete Mandatory
Join Wasatch Luge Club – One Parent 1.0 – Mandatory
Join Wasatch Luge Club – Additional Family Member
1.0 (per each additional family member)
Attend Spring GAMM meeting 1.0 (per member)
Executive Board Member 5
Chair Board Appointed Committee 5
Webmaster 5
FIL appointed Position 5
USLA Board / Committee position 5
USLA Certified Coach – volunteer 5
Attend/Maintain Club Sponsored Coaches training 3
Attend/Maintain Club Sponsored First Aid training 3
Chair a WLC non-sliding activity 3
Work a WLC non-sliding activity*:
  • Club sanctioned community service activity
  • July 4th Parade
  • National Championship Party
  • Ice Engineer’s Appreciation Pot-luck
  • Post Race Pot-luck/BBQ
  • Sport Awareness Show/Event

* Attending a pot luck or race does not constitute participation.

  • Race (pre/post) Clean up Finish, Control & Start Areas
  • Clean up trash & food, start list/finish lists
1.0 (per event/athlete)
Race Official – Volunteer /Non-Certified (entire race) 2.0 (per day)
Race Official – USLA National Certification 5.0 (per day)
Race Official – FIL International Certification 7.0 (per day)
On Ice Clinics:
  • Assistance with sleds and equipment
  • Assistance helping catch sliders in curve 15
  • Bring and age appropriate friend a learn to luge session
2.0 (per session)
Summer wheel Clinics
  • Assistance with sleds and equipment
  • Assistance with signup sheets
2.0 (per session)
Athlete Physical Fitness Testing
  • Assisting Coaches, only if requested
1.0 (per day)
   Public Relations

  • Provide race results to local papers, media, etc.
  • Promote the sport, an athlete or local luge program by getting articles published in local papers or featured on radio / tv.

1.0 (per race)

2.0 (per occurrence)

Chaperone (approved/recommended by Coach) 3.0 (per day)
Snow removal – Start, Finish & Coaching areas 1.0 (per session)
Organizing/Archiving all supplied photos and videos 2.0 (per event)
Prepare Presentation Sliding/Club Video (DVD)
  • Board Pre-approval is required
5.0 (see below)
Recording coaching videos of athlete training runs
  • Coach Pre-approval is required
1.0 (per session)

Youth Sports Alliance Events/Activities –
Work YSA event
JANS Winter Welcome -assigned volunteer activities
2.0 (per event day)
Supervise/Coordinate YSA event 5.0 (per event day)
Actively Participate in a YSA event 2.0 (per event)
Provide Raffle items for auctions 5.0 (per event)

Luge Expense Sheet master

WLC Points Tracking Sheet Master

Supplemental Funding Distribution Policy

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