Ice Engineers Open results – 1/10/2015

Full results posted here:  2015 Ice Engineers Open results

Open Class – Ladies Start
GOLD –Jake Farquharson
SILVER – Samantha Carone
BRONZE – Ashley Farquharson

Youth A– Tourist Start
GOLD – Matthew Greiner
SILVER – Delaney Duncan
BRONZE – William Iverson

Open Youth Class – Curve 12
GOLD – Ainsley Harrold
SILVER – Max McNulty Van Ordt
BRONZE – Ralph Fiscus

New WLC Gear store

Just in time for the holidays – our new Gear store is up!

We will be “closing” the store down December 12th, in order to have the items printed and available before Christmas.  
Also – please note that there are hoodie’s available – they are under the t-shirts, with a button to choose the Hoodie option.

You could win a trip to the 2015 Luge World Championships a guest of USA Luge and Ludus Tours

You could win a trip to the 2015 Luge World Championships a guest of USA Luge and
 Ludus Tours
LAKE PLACID, N.Y. – When the Fastest Sport on Ice brings the 2015 Luge World Championships to Sigulda, Latvia this winter, USA Luge and Ludus Tours want you to be there to cheer on the team.
Luge fans across the nation will have a chance to win a trip to the 2015 competitions, which will take place Feb. 10-15, in the Baltic region. The world’s top athletes, including members of the USA Luge National Team, will compete in the second most important race in the sport behind the Winter Games.
For a donation of $30, you and a companion could win:
– Airfare to and from Riga, Latvia, 90 minutes from Sigulda
– Ground transportation for three days, including airport service
– Housing in Sigulda
– Two meals per day
– Admission to the track as guests of USA Luge
– USA Luge Swag Bag

The hotel/residence providing the accommodations will be at the choosing of Ludus Tours and USA Luge, and will be located in the Sigulda area with proximity to the luge venue. The room is based on double occupancy (two people per room).

The package includes tickets to both days of luge events (Feb. 14-15) for the winner and guest.

Entry is now open at the USA Luge website, and will continue until midnight Dec. 14, 2014. Visit to enter the sweepstakes and get further details.
You can purchase multiple sweepstakes entries, but only 700 will be sold, so act now.
USA Luge Ludus Tours 2015 World Championship Sweepstakes entries make a great holiday gift. You’ll also be supporting the athletes and programs of USA Luge with each entry, so buy now before the tickets are sold out.

For more information on the Fastest Sport on Ice®, log on to

Fall Membership Meeting

Hi Everyone – we are planning to have our Fall membership meeting on Thursday, November 13th at 6:30 pm.  Location is planned to be at the UOP, with the room still to be determined

Brief Agenda –
Review and approval of Spring GAMM minutes
Program updates
USLA Board updates
Financial review
We look forward to seeing you then!

Z’s Sochi Blog – Tuesday Feb 18

Tomorrow I head home from the Games…. So I’ve been participating in the rigorous sport of Olympic Spectating……  in the last couple days  I’ve seen Women’s Biathlon, Team Ski Jumping, Men’s Super G, the Canada /Finland Hockey Game, Women’s Boarder Cross, Men’s Skeleton, and the first two runs of Women’s Bobsled. …Whew…. Talk about an endurance sport.

A couple of you have asked about the friendliness of the people here…I have to say I’ve been impressed, especially with the volunteers….. From the girls that helped drag my bags to my room at 3AM…… to the lady giving homemade  paper harts to spectators on Valentines Day these guys have tried to make people feel welcome. Its all the more impressive when you learn that most of the Volunteers have traveled from Moscow and other parts of the country (one shuttle driver told me he traveled three days by train just to get to Sochi) and are housed in small trailers 2 to 3 hours away from their assigned venue.

Easy to spot volunteers

Easy to spot volunteers

image (1)









image (2)

Z’s Sochi Blog – Food


Having spent time in Russia/Latvia in the early 90’s I headed to Sochi with some trepidation about the cuisine I would find….. Happy to say gone or the days of grey meat and boiled cabbage.

A highlight of my trip was an invite to a traditional Russian Meal….a lunch that lasted three hours… It was incredibly civilized…especially for the Mom of two active boys used to throwing pasta together and darting out the door.

Smoked meats

Smoked meats














Steamed vegetable

Steamed vegetable














Honey Cake..... To die for!

Honey Cake….. To die for!















For those of you wondering about food at the hotel & track…..  Each morning at the hotel we had  a huge buffet with everything from scrambled eggs to crepes. There were a few items one doesn’t normally associate with breakfast like pickled olives and cheese cake but hey each to their own. Meals at the athlete/ officials tent at the sliding center were good too. Apparently the Organizers  brought in students from cooking schools around Russia. I have to say the meal there were much better then at the games in Salt Lake and Vancouver.

Pastries at an outdoor Cossack restaurant

Pastries at an outdoor Cossack restaurant














Fried potatoes.... Lots of them

Fried potatoes…. Lots of them














There's a reason I don't eat fish!!!!

There’s a reason I don’t eat fish!!!!

Founders Day Race results!

Open Class – Ladies Start – 2-22-14 WLC singles open womens start Official results
GOLD – Samantha Carone
SILVER – Jake Farquharson
BRONZE – Brittany Arndt

Youth B Mens – Juniors Start – 2-22-14 WLC youth b men junior start Official results
GOLD – Duncan Biles
SILVER – Sean Hollander
BRONZE – Alanson Owen

Open Class – Tourist start – 2-22-14 WLC youth Tourist start Official results
GOLD – Matthew Greiner
SILVER – Ethan Owen
BRONZE – Delaney Duncan


Z’s Sochi Blog – Sunday Feb 16th

Summer Olympics????
Dang it’s warm here,…..I guess the palm trees should have been the first clue….second would be Norwegian Athletes going for a swim in the Black Sea.  As a result of the high temperatures  and sun/rain the venues have struggled to keep optimal conditions.

At Luara – the Biathlon / Nordic Skiing venue about 200 volunteers armed with snow plows and shovels spent the night removing 6 inches of slush off the top off the course. Now they are having to deal with fog and rain.

On the alpine courses they have burned though the organizers supply of salt (used to firm up the course) and are now shipping it in by the ton from Switzerland.

At the Extreme Park – Half Pipe and Aerials have been moved to later / earlier in the day in order to take advantage of cooler temperatures.

On the flip side it makes for great spectating….you can’t complain about kicking back in the stands soaking in the sun….still it is the Winter Olympics and I would love to see it covered in snow.

Summer Olympics?

Summer Olympics?














Security Forces hiding in plain sight...thanks to a lack of snow

Security Forces hiding in plain sight…thanks to a lack of snow


Z’s Sochi Blog – Feb 14th

RunningSince I’m running the Boston Marathon in April I’ve tried to keep to my training schedule while here. There’s nothing like having an Olympic Athlete blow by you to keep your ego in  check.

There have been a few challenges……
Russian Treadmills

Russian treadmills……I can figure out kilometers to miles….but Cyrillic… not so easy.

There are not a lot of flat areas without traffic to run on but I found one dirt road along the river…in places it is very muddy and you have to dodge the occasional backhoe and military transport truck…. but it beats running on the hard cobbles in the middle of town. Unfortunately after about 4 miles you run out of Russia (quite literally). There is a small guard post with 4 very serious solders guarding what can only be described as the back door to the Independent State of Abkhazia (Part of Georgia) They weren’t amused when I ran up touched the gate, then gave them a big smile before turning and running back the way I came.
Went to Women’s Aerials tonight….Impressive  …..TV doesn’t really capture the height (nor the speed) that these Women throw their tricks….it appeared that the warm weather  made the snow on the landing hill wet and clumpy …making it easy to catch a ski and tumble on the landing.


















For those of you that complained about walking the “Gold Medal Mile” up to the UOP during the Salt Lake Olympics…this venue has got it beat……same distance, parts of it steeper with about 800 steps….oh and no pin.


Z’s Sochi Blog – Feb 13

Last Race!!!!!!

Tonight was the last  Luge race in these Games……on the one hand I’m glad they’re done ( I could use the sleep) but I’ll also miss the intensity that comes with Olympic competition.

This evenings race The Team Relay . is made up of three sliders one women, one man and a doubles team …..each must hit the target (paddle) at the end of the run to open the gate at the start and send the next member of the team down. The clock begins when the first slider crosses the start and finishes when the last slider crosses the finish line. The team with the lowest time wins.
The evening started out a little rough…..A late running bobsled training session and warm weather resulted in a scramble to get the outrun and finish area  race ready….but with a good team we managed to beat the broadcast deadline.

The German team came in as the favorite and did’t disappoint, The Russians were second and the Latvians  third. The US was 6th with another strong showing by Erin.

FIL Officials & Race Director

FIL Officials & Race Director

Final results

Final results








Now that the racing is over I’m looking forward to checking out other events…….stay tuned for more post……….

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