Non-Sliding Club Activities


There are many ways to be involved in the sport of luge and give assistance to the local club without ever getting on a sled yourself.  One of the most direct ways is by becoming a luge race official.  There are many luge events every year in Park City ranging from local club races to National Championships, to FIL World Cup and World Championship racing.  Luge official’s courses are designed for individuals who have never seen a sled before and by the end of the weekend course have you ready to start working local and national level races.  After completing the National Official’s course and gaining some experience on the hill individuals can then take the International Official’s course and work international races such as World Cups and World Championships.  This is one of the few ways someone can walk in the door with no experience and within no time be getting to know our US National Team members as well as Olympic medallists from around the world.

For more information on officials training and opportunities please visit our national official’s page at or contact us in Park City at

Another great way to become involved with the sport of luge is through becoming an official. Sliding at 60-80 MPH hour is not for everyone but volunteering a few weekends per year goes a long way in helping develop and train the Olympians of tomorrow while meeting the Olympians of today. Our officials program consists of two levels. First is the National Official level. Here people with no experience with the sport are introduced to the basic rules of running any luge race. The course takes one weekend and after completion these officials are eligible to work any national event from local club races up to and including national championships. The second level is the FIL International Official. This again is a one-weekend course and introduces rules specific to international competitions such as World Cups, World Championships, and the Olympic Winter Games. Individuals who complete this course are then able to work any international race held in the United States and may be invited to work races in other countries. If you would like a chance to help with a race before taking the course, no one is turned away. There are many positions available even for untrained volunteers to assist in the running of our events. The next National Officials Course in Park City is October 14th/15th 2016. Call the luge office at 435-647-3800 or e-mail


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