Summer Luge Opportunities

Wheel Clinic Explanation

The Summer Wheel Clinic is a program the United States Luge Association has held for the past 26 years to recruit young interested youth to try the Olympic sport of luge.  We hold this program throughout the country and here locally in Park City.  The local (Park City area) clinics are run by the United States Luge Association, the National Governing Body, in partnership with the Wasatch Luge Club and other partnering organizations.  Locally in Park City the clinics are meant to give an introduction to the sport with on-ice programs available during the season for actual recruiting purposes (see beginner programs tab).

The day’s activities are as follows:  The participants are preregistered through the United States Luge Association for the 2 hour program.  Participants are between 9-13 years of age.  These clinics are intended to show proper steering and stopping techniques on a specially equipped wheel luge sled.  Participants start slow and low on the hill by first just going straight and learning to stop.  As the session progresses they are moved up the hill, given more speed, and taught how to steer properly.  Finally, participants are given a course of cones to navigate through.  Maximum speeds reached are about 25 MPH.  The clinics are focused on skill development and evaluation, not intended to be a “thrill ride”.

Currently, 80% of our Olympic team has been found by trying one of these clinics and then selecting an ongoing program.  This is the easiest way to try the sport.

The United States Luge Association supplies sleds and helmets.  Participants need to wear old sneakers (no open toed sandals) and comfortable summer-wear.  There is walking up hill involved so water bottles are also advised.

Current opportunities for summer wheel programs held at the Utah Olympic Park in Park City:

All summer programs are offered in partnership with either Park City Recreation or the Utah Olympic Park (UAP/UAF).  To access the wheel luge programs through one of their ongoing camps please contact Park City Recreation at 435-615-5400 or go to and look for the Adventure Camp.  For Olympic Park FUNdamentals camp information either call 435-658-4208 or visit

Luge specific days for the above camps:


Summer 2016 is over…school has started.  Please look under winter opportunities for your quickest way to try the sport.



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